Here is a play through of Wanderlust!

Escapism is his forte and wanderlust his gateway to explore unknown regions far beyond any physical existence. Kook’s a hard working hipster at a local coffee shop but his day takes an odd turn when he finds himself jumping over rooftops on this bad acid trip. On an exploration of mind versus matter and separating the real from the fake Kook will find that seeking distraction may lead you down peculiar paths. Kick it with him as he disassociates from the world and has a pretty gnarly encounter with the nearly extinct OCTO-RANTULA! 


And if you’d like, here’s a download link of the video game itself! Click here! (

If you’re having problems with the Start menu, alt-tab and hover onto the “Let’s Escape” and click!



Our team consisted of Tony and I. Most of the building/coding of the game consisted of Tony’s solid knowledge of coding and blue printing, and me making a bunch of mess with the code as Tony cleaned up my messes and corrected pretty much every code I messed up majorly. The 2d and 3d assets are also a mixture of both Tony and I’s work. We both have very different artistic identities and skill sets but they somehow meshed together to create visuals that all conform to their own atheistic. Tony was such an awesome partner and really taught me how to co-create within the scope of coming up with a presentable product. – Lynda


The team for this final project was Lynda Fernandez and Tony Vukosavljevic. I did 2D assets, and coding. Lynda did an amazing job on creating assets for all three levels (City, Stomach, and Under Ocean), her creativity is endless. Don’t listen to her, she coded a lot too and even fixed up some of my things! At first, we were bouncing all over the place, going from idea to idea, but eventually took in consideration of “less talk, more rock!” and just went full steam ahead into the unknown and our weirdness. – Tony

Some blueprints:

This is the blueprint for the loading crystal that you get at the end of each level.

This is the blueprint when picking up the acid pills, a sound is emitted and so are particles; using forloop.

This is the array blueprint for when stepping over actor tokens, a saying is randomly generated.

This is the character blueprint, with basic movement and menu nodes.

Some assets from the final game:

Character design.

Buildings designed for being platforms.

Background is a sunset transitioning to space, with tiny moving comets.

Sound cue code for music to play.

When overlapping box collision, music will transition and fade in.

Pragmatic Fanatic Man is about existential crisis. Explore the 4 rooms that may wake you up into realization, or leave you in space with an abyssal mind.

Of course there is plenty more to be done, and it shall be done. One more game to go into the world, but only few games can make you question your existence and everything that surrounds it.

This blueprint is for the pink platform that is for choosing a room (1 – 4)

This blueprint is for regular widgets that pop text onto the screen when the character collides with them.

This blueprint is for a widget that prompts the player with a question, which changes the color of the character and teleports them to a specified point.


For the starter level, I wanted to create the bedroom of a man who is having an existential crisis, therefore many versions of himself plastered on the wall, with multiple clocks (some stretched) on the wall as well and obscenely shaped windows. After getting acquainted with the scenery around his bedroom, you walk down steps that take you to a path that has been split (either 4 or more).

First interactable item, just points.

Second interactable item, 3 second jump boost.

Screenshot of level.

Screenshot of level.

Screenshot of level with text token.

Screenshot of level with split roads.

Stream of conscious
A middle aged man goes through an existential crisis and is confronted by Jehovah’s witnesses who are wearing expensive Versace bras. If the witnesses catch him, he’ll realize the mega coupons on Walmart have expired. The middle aged man collects old thongs and used enemas in order to be iconic and alive. When all the thongs and enemas have been collected, he becomes a jellyfish.

Screenshots (WIP):

High angle of level

Close up shot of level

Character Blueprint


Much of the inspiration for this game is the humor of existential crisis.

Hello everyone!

My name is Tony Vukosavljevic, and I am a 21 year old male living in the heart of art, or as you might know as… NEW YORK!

I love to design things in Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere, too! Here’s my portfolio if you’d like to check it out.

Gardening is such a hobby of mine, all thanks to my mom. Ever since I was born, you better believe I was in the garden 24/7 with her, learning of beautiful shrubs, flowers, vines, roses, etc.

But, most of all, I love singing. I’ve always been shy to sing out to the public (except in 9th grade choir, haha) but as of recently, with the purchase of a fantastic microphone, I’ve started to create my songs, from lyrics that date back so far (I’m only 20, how far is far?). I have 3 books as of now, filled with lyrics and I’m getting more influenced each day by every artist out there.

I also have a Soundcloud that has some songs I made via Garageband (some people knock GB as being a crappy music producing application, but it’s really not.)